A portfolio website showcasing the art and music from Canadian artist Edward McEvenue.
Music, Music Production, Musician, Artist, Photography, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Sound, Albums, EDM, Charcoal, Art, Drawing, Projects, Apps, Websites, Animation, 3dsMax, After Effects, Entrepreneur
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All of my music is free to download (just click the album images below):

Coming Soon

Akrasia / Coming Soon

Edward McEvenue Christmas Album

Christmas / 2014

Edward McEvenue - Aftermath

Aftermath / 2012

Bursting At The Scenes Album

Bursting At The Scenes / 2011

Life Upon Impact Album

Life Upon Impact / 2010


All of my music is free to download (just click the images below):

Music Videos

Watch my latest music videos below:

Music Collaborations

Watch my latest music collaborations below: