About Edward McEvenue

I am a 28 year old electronic music producer and vocalist living in Toronto, Canada that makes art/things on a computer for fun. I have made four music albums so far, you can download them all for free in the download section. I'm working on lots of cool things at the moment and collaborating with a lot of really talented/awesome people, so stay tuned for more projects! You can check out my 3D/Motion Graphics company here: http://edstudios.ca

Social Media:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/edwardmcevenue
Twitter: http://twitter.com/edwardmcevenue
Youtube: http://youtube.com/edwardmcevenue
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/edwardmcevenue
Instagram: http://instagram.com/edwardmcevenue

My Interests:
Producing and recording music, photography, vfx, motion graphics, digital painting and sculpting, 3D animation, claymation, sketching, short films, design, writing software or making apps/games for ios/android, and snowboarding.

Some Past Collaborations:
Marc Noir, None Like Joshua, Jason Horecky, SirensCeol, Alex Balog.

Ultra Music (Deal Records), Squirrel Records, PureFunk Records, The FijNetwork, Play Me Records

Contact Edward McEvenue

Have a collaboration in mind? Feel free to email me requests, feedback, suggestions, or to just say hello! :)