A portfolio website showcasing the art and music from Canadian artist Edward McEvenue.
Music, Music Production, Musician, Artist, Photography, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Sound, Albums, EDM, Charcoal, Art, Drawing, Projects, Apps, Websites, Animation, 3dsMax, After Effects, Entrepreneur
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All of my music is available to download for free.

Albums + Singles (MP3 & ZIPs)


Photos I’ve taken around the world with an A7rii + 35mm lens.


Charcoal and digital artwork I’ve created over the years.


The latest news about what I’m up to, and projects currently being worked on.

  • Still working away on Akrasia. I’ve written a lot of music over the last few months, but I’m still trying to figure out what sound/theme I want this ne

  • I recently re-cut my demo reel to show off the latest motion graphics projects I’ve been working on. To see more of my work visit: http://edstudios.ca

  • Working on a new 3D Animation. It’s been a long time since I’ve created a short film, and I’m excited to finish it. This is just the animatic/sto